Thai traditional massage : Our traditional Thai Massage is both- deeply refreshing and extremely revitalizing. It is performed without oil, with slow movements and covers the entire body it offers the
Thai aroma oil massage : This treatment perfectly combines the two most effective spa therapies: Thai massage and Aromatherapy. The kneading and rubbing of klasic oil massage brings relaxation and hea
Thai massage with 100% natural coconut oil : This full body massage uses virgin coconut oil to energize and promote better health. It utilizes kneading, stroking and rubbing to relieve fatigue and pro
Thai massage with chocolate dreams: The Chocolate Massage Dreams is a comprehensive therapy session with coco butter, wich we warm up before the massage, and make it into a liquid state. The massage h
Thai massage anti stress : Thai anti stress massage benefits you from head to lower back. First, you will recieve a soothing back massage. Next, a neck and shoulder massage that eliminates tension-cau
Foot massage : Reflexology is the ancient healing art wich teaches that applying pressure to specific points on the feet produces beneficial results. The body is divided into ten zones with energy lin
Pre – natal thai massage with natural oils: Practicing thai massage during pregnancy can alleviate a lot of difficulties and helps you enjoy this golden period. It relaxes tired muscles, and at night,
Lanna signiture massage : On this journey to extreme wellbeing music therapy is combined with massage to guide your body to new levels of delight in 120minute massage. The amazing musical masterpiece
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